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Convert HTML to PDF?

I’m trying to convert HTML to PDF therefore i utilized TCPDF its C# plugin. that is the formal website for it TCPDF

it was actually working properly however its so restricted device as well as it has limited typefaces

I definitely value all the comments and also ideas that individuals have actually provided until now, having said that I experience that individuals leaving their responses are misreading.

What is actually the best and easiest technique of taking HTML as well as turning it into a PDF, identical to use CFDOCUMENT on ColdFusion?

As well as it cant convert images to PDF so just how may i convert total HTML page with images to PDF report, it dosage certainly not matter if it JS or PHP plugin, i just want energetic service to convert the whole HTML page along with Css to PDF file and also maybe i will wait or publish it

1) the answer has to be totally free or open sourced. a single person advised utilizing pricexml and the various other pd4ml. each of these remedies prices money (pricexml setting you back an arm and a leg) which i’m certainly not regarding the shell out.

2) they should have the capacity to consume html (either from a documents, link or a string variable) and afterwards generate the pdf. libraries like shellfish, rprf, rtex are actually made utilizing their personal strategies as well as certainly not consuming html.

I want to suggest you the HTML to PDF answer through https://grabz.it.

please don’t assume i am actually unappreciative for the recommendations, it is actually merely that pdf production seems like an actually issue for folks like me that utilize ColdFusion yet want to convert to Side rails.

They have a simple-to-use and extremely versatile screenshot API which can be made use of by any sort of type of Ruby use.

If you would like to try it, at first you need to obtain the authorization application secret + technique and the advancement free SDK

I attract the html right into the String material. Then I do a pair things like replace the radio buttons with checkboxes and then manage it via the pd4ml library to render the pdf.

After After a great deal of blood stream sweat and splits I handled to create a pretty basic rails application that makes it possible for the customer to write character design templates through TinyMce, these are actually then conserved and could be considered as pdf documents.

I chose to restrict the options in the wysiwyg editor as high as feasible as several of the possibilities don’t work precisely as counted on, however that’s absolutely nothing a little gsub-ing couldn’t resolve if needed.

There is without a doubt no direct technique to perform this in Dark red (at least there had not been when I was actually making an effort to carry out it couple of months ago). If you truly can’t prevent generating your pdfs from html, you need to perhaps take a look around for some exterior tools or services for this function.

There is actually a ruby gem that covers HTMLDOC which you’ll need to have: PDF:: HTMLDoc.

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